About me

My self-discovery began with a course in MiCBT (Mindfulness-integrated, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) in 2015, learning about the brain and becoming more aware of the body through meditation. Having tried couple’s counselling many times, I was offered a book by Brandon Bays; a lady who healed herself from a life-threatening tumour by accessing and addressing emotions through deep meditation. Brandon’s story, ‘The Journey’, compelled me to contact a registered Journey Guide and I soon found myself walking a path back to discover who I was born to be, as opposed to who I had become. A year later I had enrolled on the Journey Practitioner’s course and was traveling the world on a path, opening my heart and bringing me peace of mind. Welcoming an invitation to ‘Float’, I began to marry my studies with a new form of meditation that was proving to heal physical ailments (especially in the sports world), faster than alternative treatment by de-sensitised meditation, ie. in darkness, silence & zero gravity. This lead me back through MiCBT to the revolutionary understanding of Neuroplasticity and introduced me to Epigenetics. During my long standing relationship with a floatation centre in London, I was introduced to Reiki. It’s incredible power aligned with my understanding of Energy transference and it’s physical, mental & emotional implications to our well-being and I soon enrolled on a practitioner’s course, affiliated with the UK’s NHS.

Today, I am based between London and Devon, and have the privilege of translating my own experience & continual findings to others across several continents, seeking guidance back to their own inner wisdom. I continue to study the relationships between Mind (Heart & Brain), Body & Emotions, in order to comprehend their vital roles in our physical, emotional and mental health. By marrying my own and my trusted colleague’s methodologies and modalities, I would like to help you realise your optimum healing state and unearth your true potential.