I work with individuals to improve their lives.

Seeking help can be the hardest step so well done, your journey has begun.

If you intend to resolve issues at hand, harmonise your well-being and ultimately, achieve peace of mind, you are on your way.

By calming the business of life, we can hear a voice that knows exactly where to go and what to do next. Through acquired skills, selected modalities and practical suggestions, we can walk together through the mental, physical and emotional trials that life offers to us, finding light when all seems lost.

We can change. We can heal. We need not feel alone.

From November 24th, I will be leading an Introductory, online, interactive, network course for 5 individuals, supported by Liz Butcher, a friend and ex-client willing to share her experience of the work.

We will be reflecting and sharing our present situations, learning new skills and techniques to look more closely at what is actually happening and how we are responding.

By journaling our findings and understanding our own behaviour we will learn and resonate as a group, allowing issues to safely rise in confidence that we can improve our relationship with ourselves and therefore with others around us.

In our current, ‘Locked down’ climate, relationships can be strained as past issues fight to rise to the surface, in restricted time and space. Whether with family, colleagues or partners, we can easily find ourselves reacting differently. This three week course offers an opportunity to utilise our situations for growth.

The course begins with a gentle welcome and introduction to self-discovery, outlining the aims and possibilities of personal sessions within an intimate group setting. By resonating and communicating in confidence and support, we will be able to summarise and evaluate our progress in our final, de-brief session.

To book your place on the course or to find out more information, please email; tim@awaybackhome.co.uk



Day 1. Outline of objectives 40 mins. 10 mins break. Preparation Techniques 40 mins


Day 2. Personal session 40 mins. 10 mins integration break. Q&A 40 mins.


Day 3. Personal session 40 mins. 10 mins integration break. Q&A 40 mins.


Day 4. Personal session 40 mins. 10 mins integration break. Q&A 40 mins.


Day 5. Personal session 40 mins. 10 mins integration break. Q&A 40 mins.


Day 6. Personal session 40 mins. 10 mins integration break. Q&A 40 mins.


Day 7. De-brief 40 mins. 10 min break. Summary 40 mins.

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Personal Coaching

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