Reiki is understood to be the channelling of energy through one person to another. It is non-intrusive, ‘hands-on’ modality performed whilst the recipient is either comfortably seated or lying on a massage table.

A Reiki treatment has the propensity to create inner-peace by relieving and reducing restlessness and stress stored in the body, thus implementing a natural, healing opportunity. It can conduct a meditative, harmonising experience that deeply relaxes our internal systems with immediate effect. Reiki encompasses our entire health and is non-specific in aiding all disease, pain or ailments encountered by the body. Naturally boosting our immune system, Reiki promotes a high level of positivity and a great sense of well-being.

We enter the meditative, ‘Theta state’ twice a day when falling asleep and waking up as the brain oscillates at frequency that produces brain waves at 4-8hz. As our senses rest during a session, our brain can then listen our bodies without attaching fear and anxiety, inducing an optimum healing state where appropriate chemicals are naturally produced and released to the area in need. In this state, memories and emotions can become more easily accessible, (hence we dream most here), allowing communication with our subconscious. By marrying the modalities, we can unearth and address the incidents and blocks that have restrained and prohibited our personal growth, opening a new road-map to life whilst gently healing the past.