Trouble Shooting


Who are we attracting in our relationships and why? How does our relationship with ourselves affect others? Why do we attach ourselves to people, places and things and what are we searching for? How do we inherit and pass on unwanted behaviour to our partners, colleagues and children? How to recognise and dissolve patterns, manage issues and improve dynamics. The power of forgiveness.

Stress and Anxiety

What is anxiety and how does it manifest in our bodies and minds? How do we recognise the symptoms of stress? What lies beneath anger, the need for blame and control? Why do we suffer insomnia, digestion issues, panic attacks, mood changes and lethargy? How to reclaim our lives, re-build our positivity, develop our natural coping skills and maintain emotional, physical and mental fitness.


The passing of loved ones. What did they mean to us and why? How do we cope without them? How do we process change? What legacies and gifts are left behind that may positively change our lives? How to support loved ones through the final steps of this life and how to cope with their loss. Preparing the way for our own passing and celebrating life.

Fear and Phobias

What is a phobia and why do we carry them? What is the impact of fear on our lives from an early age? What exactly are we afraid of and why? What does fear do to possibility? Dispelling phobias and unearthing what we might achieve without the bind of fear. How to shed association & attachment and embrace our fullest potential.

Pain Control

How do we feel pain and what is it trying to tell us? Is there a difference between emotional hurt and physical pain? How can we create a healing environment for ourselves and those we care about? How to listen to pain, understand the message being delivered and release it. How to develop a new relationship between body, mind and pain itself.


How does Addiction serve us? What is it protecting? How can attachment to something, someone or somewhere, imitate familiar feelings? What are we truly craving and why? Reconnecting to a deep strength and courage. How to recognise and finally meet our deepest needs, release dependency and encounter the ultimate freedom of gently, letting go.


What is grief? How does it manifest and why? When was the first time we experienced loss and how is it attached to people and situations today? How to understand the accumulation of loss and its impact on our lives. How to safely meet & release grief, nurture new coping mechanisms and begin own our future.


How is depression triggered and how/where does it surface? What might we be unknowingly avoiding or supressing? How can ‘feeling low’ protect us? Listening to our wants and needs and honouring their difference. How to find and use the voice that still longs to be heard. How to befriend and liberate and heal old wounds, changing our experience of the present whilst always knowing, there’s a way back home.


Who are we? Why are we here, now? How do we judge ourselves and others? How did we form our belief systems and how have they influenced our lives? What are we resisting? How to realise our own truth and free our wisdom from the fear of perceptions and expectations. How to believe in ourselves, once more.

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