Liz Butcher (Australia)

To say Tim helped me find my way home is an understatement. When we started working together, there was no joy left in me. I’d spiralled down into the depths of depression and was filled with supressed anger, guilt and shame, all the while yearning to experience just a measure of relief from the pain of trauma and self-loathing. I could never have imagined that I would not only find that relief but I would start to approach each new day with childlike curiosity and confidence, knowing I’m more than just my reactions and so much more than my story.

Tim guided me compassionately through Journey Work, gently peeling back the layers and into follow-up coaching with a naturally intuitive style that empowered me to have faith in my own internal source of wisdom and to see the love where there was once fear. My chronic depression has gone and after years of searching for solutions (with varying degrees of temporary success) I can now say, with confidence, I am home; I have found myself again.

Life still has challenges and I still get ‘triggered’ but now I can manage them, viewing them in relationship to who I really am. Through the work, I have released obsessive ‘weight-watching’ and unexpectedly lost 30kg. I have gained self-respect and my life back again.

Andy Ward (UK)

Struggling with self-confidence and not able to trust my own ability has held me back in life. But with great care and support, Tim provided a safe and honest space for me to start  letting go of these old limiting beliefs and begin to be free from old restrictive relationship dynamics with myself and my loved ones.

Tim’s intuition is evident throughout our time together and having a fellow male who I can have absolute trust in, showing me compassion and empathy, truly allows me to open up and be true to myself. The understanding and guidance Tim shows me is like that of an older brother and I feel extremely grateful for this. Thanks to Tim’s help I am now walking my path to my highest potential, traveling with open possibilities, with self-belief and self-worth.