Personal Coaching

So often we react to family, friends and colleagues, rather than responding to them, letting emotion guide our decision-making. We attach ourselves to people, places and things that leave us feeling lost without them. We find ourselves in a fog, labelling the ripples of unwanted behaviour as ‘mistakes’ and experiencing familiar patterns of regret, guilt, anger, shame and disappointment. When we focus on the symptoms rather than the cause we can feel alone, unheard, and stuck in cycles that no longer serve us well.

Yet, we need not be defined by the past; through accountability rather than blame, we can begin to recognise our behavioural patterns, revealing a time when our needs were not met and we naturally looked elsewhere to feel validated & whole, simply doing the best we could with what we had at the time. By understanding how and where we are still searching, we can break these ‘mistakes’, & liberate ourselves to see what it is we actually need. By accessing our subconscious, we can unearth our own, unique archive of personal records and gain fundamental insight and a new perspective of who we have become and how. We can see how our personal reality has become our personality & how we have learned other people’s expectations and belief systems to form our own limitations.

Our perception of identity can change and with it, our well-being. We can re-align to our inner wisdom, unlocking our potential to grow. We can meet our needs and our voices can be heard, over-coming our greatest challenges/fears and gifting us the coping skills & opportunities to navigate a new path, to our Peace of mind. It is a road to healing, to liberation in the present, knowing who we truly are and where we all belong; home.